Cap Table 101

Learn the essentials of building a startup with Carta's Cap Table 101 webinar.

SAFEs, Convertible Notes, and who to hire when. What does it mean and where do you start? 

In the first of three webinar events, Carta discussed section 1 of their Cap Table 101 course:

  • Incorporating your startup and how to organize ownership of your company
  • How convertible notes and SAFEs work
  • Issuing stock options for first employees and advisors

The Carta team went over the importance of building relationships and forming your network, turning introductions into future investors, and using the tools. During the webinar, the Carta team emphasized the significance of establishing connections and cultivating your network, how to effectively turn those introductions into potential investors, and utilizing the available tools, such as the SAFE and Convertible Note Calculator, to increase your chances of success.

Discover how to organize ownership, issue stock options for employees, and make use of SAFE and Convertible Note calculators.

Watch and learn with this free webinar from Carta!

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